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Recent Works

Blending machine learning and learning sciences with Khan Academy data

Pardos, Z., & Farrar, S. (2018). Distributed representations of misconceptions. Presented at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences, London. http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~zp/papers/ICLS_distributed_misconceptions.pdf
PDF also hosted here.

#MTBoS Can partial understandings be revealed in MC @khanacademy Qs?

We used #word2vec to group question-answers that appeared in similar student response patterns, perhaps revealing student idea throughlines.

Just presented at #icls2018
📝https://t.co/axRZcSlsQQ pic.twitter.com/3VgMumfthW

— Scott Farrar (@farrarscott) June 28, 2018

On digital manipulatives

Farrar, Khoe, Matuschak (2017) Numbers at play: dynamic toys make the invisible visible. https://www.khanacademy.org/research/reports/cantor

Our (w/ @mayli @andy_matuschak) new (interactive!) research report on digital manipulatives!

Read & play! ?? https://t.co/prOBixBWb0#MTBoS pic.twitter.com/kyMS8iUCvl

— Scott Farrar (@farrarscott) September 1, 2017

More Khan Academy Work